From Percentages
to Algebra

From Percentages to Algebra

The “From Percentages to Algebra” program is all about percentages, a common measure of performance in diverse settings. Working with percentages is an important element of the PSAT/SAT Math test which includes multi-step applications that use ratios, percentages, and proportional reasoning to solve problems in science, social science, and other real-life situations.

“From Percentages to Algebra” contains fifteen scenarios where students analyze, problem solve, make decisions and model situations mathematically to help students practice these skills. The scenarios include stepping stones to algebra where students transition from percentages to writing expressions involving a variable, to solving simple algebraic equations. Each scenario requires the habits of mind supported in the mathematical practices: persevering, constructing viable arguments, reasoning abstractly and quantitatively, and modeling with mathematics.

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Chapter 1: Choosing the Better Deal
Chapter 2: Making the Grade
Chapter 3: Free Throw Percentages
Chapter 4: Dropping Out – When 0% is Best
Chapter 5: Special Ops – Military
Chapter 6: Growing Lawn Service
Chapter 7: McFadden Restaurant
Chapter 8: Managing by Percentages
Chapter 9: Multiple Flavor Ice Cream Sales
Chapter 10: Ordering Hoodies
Chapter 11: Compound Growth of APP Users
Chapter 12: Decline of Homeless Veterans
Chapter 13:  Weighted Averages and Grades
Chapter 14: Open24 Slushy Sales
Chapter 15: Congressional Districts

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