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Overview of Curriculum

The AMP21 curriculum supports both team based learning and project based learning that enables even students with modest mathematical skills to find success in addressing real-world decisions. All of examples are realistic scenarios that take more than a few minutes to solve and therefore can build skills of perseverance that is lacking in most American math curriculum. Diverse problem scenarios show students how math is relevant to a broad range of career paths and not just STEM careers, providing motivation and skills necessary for the future.

Middle School

AMP21 helps middle school students develop conceptual understanding of ratios and proportions while also developing fluency in carrying out procedures to solve problems involving proportional relationships. Our program challenges students to apply proportional reasoning to make real decisions such as “which is the best sale price on candy bars based on their size” or “which is the better data plan based on their usage.” The real world scenarios of AMP21 problems help students learn math in a way that makes sense to their actual experiences.

High School

The AMP21 high school math program includes two different textbooks. Every chapter is designed around three or more relevant decision contexts that can be used to develop student team projects. The algebraic modeling curriculum prepares students for college courses and future jobs. Utilizing Excel enables students to focus on modeling and interpretation of results without needing to crunch through calculations. The probabilistic decision modeling curriculum uses both graphing calculators and Excel to explore randomness and calculate probability distributions.

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