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AMP21 was created to develop a mathematics curriculum that directly addresses two issues in school mathematics education.

    1. The almost total lack of application problems set in authentic real-world contexts involving decision-making. How many times have you seen something like, “Joe is 14 years old. In 4 years he will be twice as old as his sister. How old is his sister now?” and wondered why Joe doesn’t know how old his sister is?
    2. The Standards for Mathematical Practice (SMP), which clearly visualize problems of a different sort than are readily available.

Drawing from decades of research and expertise, AMP21 was developed to include a series of application problems set in truly authentic contexts. Then problems were structured for direct use in the classroom to address the SMP. Lastly, the examples were refined by expert classroom teachers to make them student and teacher relevant and friendly

We have found that this math curriculum has resonated with students, teachers and administrators alike. Through workshops, conferences, and classroom use, AMP21 has helped thousands of students better prepare for college mathematics.

$3.3 Million NSF grant

Project Mindset in conjunction with NC State and UNC Charlotte to develop high school curriculum

Ten articles published

Our research has appeared in math teacher journals in US and Great Britain

More than 40 workshops

More than 1200 teachers from over 600 schools in attendance

International audience

Workshops in Santiago, Chile, Katmandu, Nepal and Auckland and Christchurch New Zealand

2 high school semester long courses with textbooks and teacher’s guide

Mathematical Modeling with Algebra

Mathematical Modeling with Probability

Middle School book – collection of 15 separate activities

From Percentages to Algebra

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