Why Use AMP21?

Do you want easy-to-implement materials that have well planned teacher protocols and teacher prompts, questions to engage discourse, estimated times of discussion, step-by-step implementation guides? Are you tired of hearing students say that they hate math? Are you looking for math problems that will motivate students and spark discourse? Are you looking for “REAL” world tasks (small business references, break-even analyses, percentages and rates, etc) that engage students and help them develop analytical skills they will use in life?

If any of these questions sound like something you have recently thought, try AMP21 today! The AMP21 curriculum was designed to engage students with even modest mathematical skills to find motivation and success in addressing real-world decisions.

What the AMP21 Program Offers


  • Work through a scenario following the teacher’s guide, with some/all of the mathematics teachers.
  • Have teachers make a list of what they would need to successfully implement the tasks.
  • Look at curriculum map and units of study and decide where each scenario fits. Also decide what to let go.
  • Decide what materials and technology are needed.
  • Give the teachers time to review and explore the teacher’s implementation guide.
  • Analyze how the Launch-Explore-Summarize Protocol works, paying close attention to questions the teacher should ask, engaging classroom discourse.
  • Practice doing Number Talks.
  • Practice classroom discourse and teacher moves from Best Practice including wait time, revoicing, reasoning, and adding on.

Professional Learning

Professional Learning is available to assist in implementation either in person or virtually, upon request. 


Cost Effective Math Curriculum

Sample exercises are available to download at no cost. This allows you to decide whether this math curriculum is a good fit for your school without having to commit to purchasing an expensive new program. After that, each volume is inexpensive to use. Books can be purchased both in hard copy or e-book formats for less then $20 each.

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