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Why Use AMP21?

Are you looking for “REAL” world tasks (small business references, break-even analyses, percentages and rates, etc) tasks that engage your student and help them develop analytical skills they will use in life? When you look at your current math materials, are they full of contrived problems that no one would ever dream of solving in the real world? (Ex: Two trains left their stations at the same time traveling in opposite directions….) Do you want materials that have well planned protocols and prompts, questions to engage discourse, estimated times of discussion, step-by-step implementation guides? Do you want your student to become an independent thinker and able to begin problems without your help getting started? Are you looking for problems concerning relevant social issues and up-to-date context? Are you tired of hearing child say that they hate math? Are you looking for math problems that will motivate them and spark discourse? Are you looking for problems in real life that may take a few class periods to solve, not 2 minutes?

If any of these questions sound like something you have recently thought, try AMP21 today! The AMP21 curriculum was designed to engage students with even modest mathematical skills to find motivation and success in addressing real-world decisions.

What the AMP21 Program Offers


  • Stop dreading your child’s math period and experience a curriculum “makeover” that actually impacts your students’ learning.
  • Tired of the traditional math programs and looking for authentic, relevant “REAL” world tasks that align with what your students need to experience as well as the standards they need to meet.

Problem Based Scenarios

  • Investigate complex scenarios in business, industry, marketing, government, sports, and management that are aligned to the standards and can easily be placed into units of study.
  • Scenarios can be used by students individually or in collaborative teams.
  • Lessons generally run approximately two class periods in length and may be introduced at the beginning, middle, or end of the unit.


  • Each lesson has an extensive teacher guide complete with step by step protocols of how to implement each scenario, including a number talk, how to launch the task, questions to ask while your student explores, how to summarize, time stamps, formative assessments, and practice problems.
  • The scenarios contain relevant content and the implementation guide provides a nice blend of content and pedagogy.
  • Professional learning is available virtually or in person. If desired, you can experience how easily the scenarios are implemented with the Launch-Explore-Summarize Protocol and how the teacher guide assists in pedagogy.

College Preparation

  • In-depth focus on three essential areas of PSAT/SAT math: Problem Solving and Data Analysis, Heart of Algebra, and Passport to Advanced Math.
  • Preparation for college and university math courses that focus on quantitative reasoning skills.
  • For students who are going to pursue business, management, administration, engineering, or public policy, learning, AMP21 techniques are excellent preparation for their eventual college majors.


Cost Effective Math Curriculum

Sample exercises are available to download at no cost. This allows you to decide whether this math curriculum is a good fit for your classroom without having to commit to purchasing an expensive new program. After that, each volume is inexpensive to use. Books can be purchased both in hard copy or e-book formats for less then $20 each.

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